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Container Specialists can help your warehouse by taking the burden of unloading, loading, co-packing and re-packing; off of you, and in to the capable hands of our lumper crews. 

Container Unloading

Our bread and butter. 

We send Container Specialists with a min of 2 years experience, to your Warehouse to Unload/DeStuff/Offload your inbound container, cargo or freight container, ISO container, shipping, sea or ocean container.

Our Specialists will sort, palatalize and shrink wrap your products in well-built block patterns..

All this at a Flat Rate charge, Taking all the guesswork out of how much it will cost, to unload your containers.

Container Loading

Similar to container unloading; This is also our speciality.

We will load out your outbound products. When we load your containers we ensure an quick and efficient load-out so your customers get an easy unload.

Also all this for a Flat Rate.


Co-Packing involves taking product out of the original packaging and packing them in another box. When we co-pack; we can label, add/remove items, or do any other specifications you may have. 


Have some out dated packaging? Need to separate outdated products Wanting to take that older stock and repackage to look like your new branding, or for any other reason. Our team is fully capable and trained to take care of any situation. 

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After using hourly temp agencies and other flat rate companies without success. I was amazed to see the quality work, punctuality of the crews and professionalism of the management that Container Specialists has brought to my warehouse.

Jim Thompson


Warehouse, Operations Manager


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