How we calculate Rates

Flat Rate Pricing

Real Flat Rate Pricing, with no hidden costs.

How much is it costing you?
How much is it costing you?

1. Calculating your costs

We first find out how many worker hours it takes for you to unload your containers. 

Example: a 40 foot container with 3000 pieces takes 2 workers 8 hours, for a total of 16 work hours.  

$25x16 hours= $400

We Beat the Price
We Beat the Price

2. We will Beat the Price

If it costs you $400/ container in man hours, not to mention dealing with supervision and no shows, we will beat the price and set a Flat Rate per container.  


3. Your Happy you Picked Container Specialists

After seeing the benefits of using Flat rate compared to hourly workers, you never look back. 

* Minimize your own employee injuries 
* Lower insurance costs 
* Increased productivity
* Decreased workers’ compensation costs
* Decreased downtime
* Decreased operational costs
* Let your employees focus on Productivity 

Step 1

Our office staff will liaise with you to arrange container and lumper crew scheduling.

Step 2

Our container crew are hand picked for your individual needs. They will be inducted onto your site.

Step 3

Our container crew arrive on site, they will arrange the unloading of your containers.

*actual pricing will vary.

Why Choose Us...​

Experienced Crews​

Each of our guys have on average 2+ years of container unloading experience.

Flat Rate Pricing​

Easier cost control and planning for you! Also lower your staffing and vendor costs related to loading, unloading and product sorting.

Less Headaches​

Our crews require little to no supervision. As we pay our employees above industry averages to retain quality workers.


Let your employees focus on Productivity. While we provide the container unloading specialists.


Get in touch

EMAIL: info@containerspecialists.ca

BC: (604) 757-7804
Alberta: (587) 210-2213
Ontario: (289) 800-22379

CONTAINER SPECIALISTS INC - 11013416 Canada Inc. in affiliation with Flat Rate Warehouse Solutions inc.

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