Flat Rate Container Unloading

Take all the guesswork out of how much it will cost, to unload your containers.

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Are you tired of spending too much MONEY and TIME managing hourly temp workers? 

Here at Container Specialists inc. we specialize in hand unloading and loading containers, for a Flat Rate. So let our unloading experts take care of the unloading to increase your warehouses efficiency and performance; while also saving you time and money.

We charge by the container – not by the hour. Condense your turn around times, reduce costs and increase productivity. 


Container Unloading

We send crews with a min of 2 years experience, to your Warehouse to Unload your containers

Flat Rate Pricing

Pay a prearranged flat rate for each container


We will Palatalize your items according to your specifications​

Wrap, Tag & Stage​

We will hand shrink wrap, tag and stage your pallets for secured shipment and storage.

We do Lumper Services available for a flat rate. This includes cross docking, transloading, unloading, loading, palletizing, wrapping, labelling, sorting and more…

Why Choose Us...​

Experienced Crews​

Each of our crew members have on average 2+ years of experience: unloading and loading containers; and require no supervision.

Flat Rate Pricing​

Easier cost control and planning for you! Lower your staffing and vendor costs related to loading, unloading and product sorting.

Less Headaches​

Our crews require little to no supervision and are always on time for their shifts; so no worries about no shows.


Loading and Unloading containers does not have to be an inconvenience. Many warehouses waste money and time on inefficient loading and unloading practices, instead of focusing on what makes their businesses money/profits. That’s why CONTAINER SPECIALISTS wants to work with you to streamline your warehouses inbound and outbound to reduce your operating costs.


CONTAINER SPECIALISTS is proud to serve many locations across BC, Ontario and Alberta. Our reliable and friendly crews will arrive at your warehouse location on time and fully prepared to work.


When you choose CONTAINER SPECIALISTS, you always pay a prearranged flat rate for each container, allowing you to budget labour costs efficiently. Rest assured that a container started is finished the same day.

All CONTAINER SPECIALISTS associates are WSIB/WCB-certified  and work in safety vests, steel toes and gloves ensuring you receive the most safe and accountable service available.

Container Unloading Pricing Sheet

Here at Container Specialists we offer a flat rate for your container unloading. Below is a typical industry standard breakdown of pricing.

*We will customize pricing according to each clients needs, check out this LINK to see how we calculate your personalized flat rate costs. 

20′ foot Container

  • Base Price: $155
  • Add $15 every 1000 pieces
  • Add $20 every 10 SKU’s

40′ foot Container

  • Base Price: $185
  • Add $15 every 1000 pieces
  • Add $20 every 10 SKU’s

45′ foot Container

  • Base Price: $185
  • Add $15 every 1000 pieces
  • Add $20 every 10 SKU’s

53′ foot Container

  • Base Price: $230
  • Add $15 every 1000 pieces 
  • Add $20 every 10 SKU’s

If Applicable

  • Cancellation fee: $80 per worker
  • Mixed loads: $60
  • Wait time: $35 per hour per worker
  • Pallet stretch wrap: $2.00 per pallet

*actual prices will vary

*actual pricing will vary. Click here to see how we determine your pricing.


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